Top 5 Reasons to Stake EQX

In the exciting realm of Decentralized Finance, staking has taken the spotlight. Staking is now mainstream, with pooled staking available on popular trading platforms. Barriers to significant gains on cryptocurrency holdings are crumbling. The advent of financial possibilities never before possible is upon us.

As most of the world welcomes staking of established cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, those seeking an exceptional alternative, an opportunity for not just respectable returns but exponential returns, are looking to new platforms. These innovative new protocols offer advantages unavailable to the mainstream — advantages only those in the know will be privy to.

What cryptocurrency investor doesn’t wish they had learned about and invested in Bitcoin earlier? Attaining exceptional gains often depends on gaining exceptional knowledge. As they say, knowledge is power.

Today, a rare opportunity in DeFi is available to those in the know: staking EQX. What makes staking EQX, the native token of the new DeFi platform EQIFi, such a singular opportunity?

First, of the hundreds of DeFi platforms, these protocols and their respective tokens are not created equal. Most offer limited options when it comes to secure custody and banking level access to digital assets. Security is often the first concern of those desiring to stake digital assets.

This is where EQX offers a unique advantage over other DeFi platform tokens. The security of EQX stems from its platform, EQIFi, the world’s first DeFi platform powered by a registered and licensed, established international digital bank, EQIBank. Founded in 2015, EQIBank was one of the first to support cryptocurrency. It serves clients in over 180 countries and is renowned for its complete suite of unique financial services and excellent customer service, a precious rarity today.

Continuing the theme of security and reliability, EQIFi’s native utility token, EQX, is a fungible ERC-20 token built on the trusted Ethereum platform.

The second advantage to staking and just holding EQX is its total maximum deflationary supply of just 500,000,000. With this unusually limited supply, the value of EQX has a clear and attractive trajectory toward scarcity, even before staking adds its rewards over time.

Another advantage the EQIFi protocol offers EQX offers holders — even pre-staking — is a bonus for early adopters. The first 10,000 holders of EQX receive rewards just for joining the platform.

The third and possibly most attractive benefit of staking EQX is the high percentage gains. Rewards for staking EQX go as high as25% APY. Token holders who stake EQX, providing a valuable service adding liquidity to the protocol, are rewarded handsomely for their contribution.

Breakdown of EQX staking rewards:

  1. Tier 1

Stake 10k+EQX and gain a 2.5% deposit rate increase, 2.5% borrowing rate decrease, up to $25,000 lending limit, 5% LTV increase, $25,000 swap limits & a 1% yield bonus.

2. Tier 2

Stake 70k+EQX and gain a 5% deposit rate increase, 5% borrowing rate decrease, up to $100,000 lending limit, 10% LTV increase, $100,000 swap limits & a 2% yield bonus.

3. Tier 3

Stake 200k+EQX and gain a 12.5% deposit rate increase, 10% borrowing rate decrease, $250,000 lending limit, 15% LTV increase, $250,000 swap limits & a 4% yield bonus.

4. Tier 4

Stake 1M+EQX and gain a 12.5% deposit rate increase, 10% borrowing rate decrease, unlimited lending, 25% LTV increase, unlimited swaps & a 10% yield bonus.

The fourth reason to choose EQIFi and EQX for staking is the intuitive simplicity of the EQIFi interface. Some are put off by the complexity of DeFi, the unique terminology used, and clunky, non-user-friendly experiences online, but EQIFi streamlines the process, making staking easy.

The fifth reason to hold and stake EQX is the additional unique benefits across the EQIFi platform available only to those holding or staking EQX. Token Holders enjoy reduced fees and better rates on trades and other services across the platform, while token holders with 800,000 EQX may vote for new features, including the addition of new tokens on the platform, changes in interest rates & more. EQX holders are given priority status for other DeFi services on the EQIFi platform and are assessed with a more favorable loan-to-value (LTV) ratio — or lending risk rating — based on the number of EQX they hold or stake.

To learn more about EQX and other innovative financial products at, join the EQIFI community and step up to the next level of staking with EQX.

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Originally published at on August 10, 2021.



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