London Tube — EQIFi Weekly Updates

EQIFi is bringing you a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

This week we have 4 updates that we want to share with you:

Dark Mode for the Mobile App is coming by the end of May 2022

Those of you that prefer to use EQIFi using dark mode, which is already available for the EQIFi web platform, will be excited to know that dark mode on the Mobile App is on the roadmap and we’re actively working on that now.

Push Notifications on the Mobile app are live

Now you can get updates from EQIFi about the Mobile App, EQIFi news, or info on your account directly on your phone. Now wherever you are, you can stay current with the latest from EQIFi thanks to push notifications.

EQIFi has been approved to run ads on the London Underground

The London Underground is the rapid transportation system that serves London and some of the surrounding counties. EQIFi has been approved to put physical advertisements inside the cars of the London Underground.

Those advertisements are now LIVE and this is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for a very long time. The city of London has been denying any companies related to blockchain or cryptocurrencies from advertising on the underground. After much back and forth, they agreed to allow EQIFi to advertise on the Underground because we proved ourselves to be legitimate enough and trustworthy enough and now we’re one of the few blockchain companies to ever be allowed to advertise in the Tube.

This is big news for EQIFi as these are our first physical ads outside of a conference that we’ve done, so now anyone (anyone in London) has the ability to see them, photograph them, and even share them on social media.

So if you’re in London, please look for the EQIFi ads, share them on social media, and tag EQIFi.

EQIFi is attending Coin Agenda 2022

This time it’s CoinAgenda in Monaco. This is happening May 23–25 and is one of the mainstay conferences for blockchain and cryptocurrency. CEO Brad Yasar is a speaker at CoinAgenda and EQIFi is sponsoring the event as well. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from that conference as we get closer to those dates.

Download the EQIFi Mobile App

Those are the updates for this week. Remember to go download the EQIFi Mobile App, sign up for the EQIFi newsletter to get the Times report we’re featured in which we covered last week, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel & turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to hear when we put out new videos, updates or announcements.

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