Featured in The Times — EQIFi Weekly Updates

We’ve had a busy week at EQIFi and we’re excited to bring you some updates on what we’ve been working on!

This week we have 3 updates that we have to share with you.

1. Mobile App

2. We’ve been featured in another major publication

3. We’ve been at a couple more events we want to tell you about

1. Mobile App

The mobile app is now available on both Apple and Android. Now regardless of device type, anyone can download the mobile app and begin using it!

It’s worth mentioning again that there are some exciting benefits to using the EQIFi mobile app….

No transfer fees with Peer to Peer Transfers

One of the most exciting benefits is that you can transfer funds to other EQIFi mobile app users and will never pay transfer fees. This is a huge benefit since we all know how high gas fees and other transfer fees can be depending on the platform you use. With EQIFi you can now send and receive the entire amount between other mobile app users. Plus you don’t have to deal with complicated wallet addresses because you can send crypto directly to someone’s phone number.

Take your crypto everywhere you go

The Mobile App also acts as a crypto wallet on your phone. All you have to do is deposit your funds, then you can have access to your crypto and EQIFi investment products like staking everywhere you go.

2. Times Feature- The Future of Cryptocurrency

Another exciting update is that EQIFi has been featured in another major publication. The Times, a prominent newspaper in the UK has published a report entitled “The Future of Cryptocurrency” and it includes a full-page feature about EQIFi. Their 1M+ readers will read about EQIFi, our mission, and how we’re changing the world of DeFi. The entire report is available now on the EQIFi website. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send it directly to your inbox.

3. Events

DeFi Retreat 2022

Our final update this week is that EQIFi has been attending more events. This time we went to DeFi Retreat 2022, which is a private event in San Diego, CA that we were invited to and sponsoring. Jason, Brad, and members of our marketing team were in attendance and we’re continuing to showcase the platform and expand our network at events like these.

Coach K Experience

We’ve also attended Coach K’s event. Coach K is a big crypto YouTuber and also a friend of EQIFi. We attended his event called the Coach K Experience which is in Thailand. Brad attended and he’s been very busy networking and sharing EQIFi with strategic partners in the space.

Remember to go download the EQIFi Mobile App, sign up for the EQIFi newsletter to get the Times report we’re featured in, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel & turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to hear when you put out new videos, updates or announcements.

Thanks, and we’ll see you next week!

EQIFi Team

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