EQIFi Tech Updates: Nov 1st to 15th

We deliver! In the past two weeks, we have engaged in redesigning and improving your customer experience with EQIFi. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools in the blockchain space to manage your assets and get all that extra income from DeFi. We don’t only talk the talk, but actually, walk the walk.

We just had the 2.2.3 Release, which brings a lot of updates and fixes that will make your whole experience using the EQIFi platform better. Keep an eye out for the following

General Design Updates

Account Overview Page

Staking Product Page

Yield Aggregator Page

Fixes & Other Updates

General Design Updates

Our goal with this new release was to provide you with a cleaner overall aspect, more accessible features, and a straightforward layout for all your needs. Now you can find:

  • Precise isolation between the products, alongside your staking tier and network in use, and the features related to your account.
  • The app sidebar is always present and is now on a white background, providing more contrast.
  • The product in use and other details are well highlighted through a design update: color adjustments, icon typography, and switch custom styling.
  • White background style for the text boxes.
  • All the percentages with 18+ decimals are now in Wei.
  • Removed redundant styling and unnecessary elements for a crisp experience.

Account Overview Page

Find all your account-related information effortlessly on a one-stop-shop page, the Account Overview.

General tab

To accomplish that, now the General tab at a glance includes:

  • Account Type card;
  • Email Change component;
  • Password Change button;
  • All your marketing Preferences;
  • Instant Delete Account option.

Two-Factor Authentication

Activate your Two-Factor Authentication within one click.

KYC status

Track your KYC status and benefits in the third tab.

  • Suggestive design for a lean application process.
  • Standing out benefits and limits without unnecessary decimals.

Staking Product Page

Being one of the most used products on our platform, the EQX Staking section had a lot of community-driven improvements. The page has been updated, so you can now receive passive income with as little resistance as possible. Keep a tab on all your staking process through the: Staking Tier, Stake / Unstake, and Staking Portfolio pages.

Staking Tier

The overall layout has been enhanced for a bird’s eye view of your tier benefits and, at the same time, having instant access to all the essential information.

No staking yet? Now the account default is “Tier 0”. If you have questions, find the link to our Help Center at the bottom of the page.

Stake / Unstake

The new design displays two cards that reduce the risk of careless mistakes, reminding you about the 90-days lockup after depositing your funds.

Staking Portfolio

Keep track of all your transactions from your refreshed/revived Staking Portfolio.

  • View your funds locked on both Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Easily track your staking rewards and the earliest time at which you can unstake.

Yield Aggregator Page

While our Yield Aggregator automatically researches the best assets to acquire for you, our interface makes it easier to track all your earnings and opportunities. The new layout includes Portfolios, and My Assets redesigned pages.


Keep an eye out for the available Liquidity Pool cards and the corresponding APYs.

My Assets

Your assets are in the right place and you can track them in one glance.

  • Transfer instantly to and from each portfolio with the new added card.
  • Keep track of all your transactions from the new table card.

Fixes & Other Updates

Besides the undeniable design and functionality improvements from the previously mentioned platform pages, we are gradually upgrading the entire platform.

  • After you log in to the account, get a quick run-through of your EQIFi activity.
  • Have access to the EQIFi platform even if you don’t have your MetaMask connected.
  • Get notified if you want to use a product and your MetaMask is not connected.
  • No need for waiting to reapply to upgrade your KYC level; pending was disabled.
  • Your deposits are refreshed every time you switch between networks.
  • Use the bridge with more ease, and the transaction cards will switch places regarding your chosen network.
  • In the Variable Rate Product, have your maximum loan amount computed on the spot.

We continuously work to bring you the latest innovations in DeFi, to help you create a future of security & abundance as part of the EQIFi community. If you want to be more involved in future releases, you are welcome to join our Bug Bounty Program.

Kudos to our skilled tech and product team!

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Originally published at www.eqifi.com on November 18th, 2021.



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