EQIFi — One Year in Review

5 min readSep 12, 2022


We are celebrating one year since the launch of our platform. As the first DeFi project backed by a fully licensed and regulated digital bank, EQIBank, we promised to provide a seamless bridge between DeFi and traditional finance and to create a community around this goal.

It’s time to look at our past year’s achievements, the completed timeline, and our plans for the future.

Year in Review

Our initial product offering proved that we had identified a market need, created a strategy, and built a great starting point for what will become a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. The original product suite included: the Yield Aggregator, Fixed and Variable Rate Deposits and Loans, Interest Rate Swaps, and the EQIFi Visa Card (powered by EQIBank).

As we continued to upgrade and improve on our community’s feedback, our community was ready to welcome the EQIFi Mobile app by the end of Q2 2022, alongside new functionalities, features, and integrations detailed below.

Building an Ecosystem

DeFi is all about decentralizing, but a trustless ecosystem means both robust infrastructure and capable partners that help you build forward. Subsequently, our main strategic focus was nurturing partnerships for more accessibility, functionality, and utility. EQX was listed on over 17 exchanges and wallets (naming just a few: Kucoin, Gate.io, XT.com, Changelly, PancakeSwap, 1Inch, BKEX, ZT Global, HitBTC, Freewallet, LUMI, iMe, and SimpleSwap), EQIFi was the first DeFi project to be listed on the Nasdaq, Bloomberg, and Refinitiv Terminals, and managed to be one of the first DeFi branches in the Metaverse!

Our team continued to seek more utility and ways for our community to interact with DeFi, so in 2022, we shook hands with Simplex, Shopping.io, and prepared a few more partnerships that are in the pipeline.

How are we doing it all?

The Yield Aggregator

Our signature product is the Yield Aggregator — an automated aggregator of leading external yield farming products that automatically assigns capital between different liquidity pools, seeking the optimum profit and margin.

The Analytics Engine powering the Yield Aggregator scans farming products all across the DeFi industry. It leverages machine learning, predictive analytics, and signal processing, among other factors, to analyze market conditions and maximize returns.

We believe it deserves a separate article explaining in more detail how it works — and you can check it out here — Yield Aggregator

Deposits and Loans

Our Fixed Rate Deposits and Loans make lending and borrowing easier than traditional finance and provide better interest rates simultaneously!

With the EQIFi deposits, you set your terms and earn accordingly! You can choose to make a deposit over 2 to 12 months and get a fixed interest rate of up to 10%. There is more! If you stake EQX, that number can increase by up to 12.5%, depending on the Staking Tier.

Once you have made a deposit, you will be able to take advantage of the loan offer! For example, you can have interest rates starting at 6% and LTV (loan-to-value) ratios up to 75%. Depending on your Staking Tier, you will receive preferential rates, and LTV.

The Mobile App

Together with the Mobile App, zero fees for peer-to-peer transfers were introduced, meaning you can send and receive crypto to and from your contacts with no fees. You can also access your EQIFi investment portfolio directly from your mobile phone and track your earnings on the go for both the ETH and BNB blockchains!

We want to give users and the people around them more financial freedom, and the mobile app helps us do just that! More features are coming really soon, so stay tuned for those!

Banking with EQIFi & EQIBank

Interoperability with a fully licensed and regulated bank has been one of the foundation stones of our ecosystem. With a fully KYC-ed account on the EQIFi platform, you also benefit from top-tier digital banking services offered by our partner, EQIBank!

Whether you are looking for OTC (over-the-counter) services, an EQIBank Visa Card, loans, custody of assets, or even wealth management services, you can enjoy the best services an awarded global digital bank can provide. All your banking, as well as DeFi, needs will be taken care of!

EQIFi and EQIBank are licensed and regulated institutions, ready to provide transparent, secure, and seamless services, but most importantly, peace of mind!

Moreover, by signing up directly through EQIFi, you can access the EQIFi Visa Card, a hybrid card that enables you to spend crypto in over 44 million locations worldwide, wherever Visa cards are accepted!

Pay for your groceries, a dinner out, your Amazon order, and the taxi home — all powered by EQIFi and EQIBank!

Expanding our reach

More than 30,000 users worldwide have enjoyed using EQIFi since our platform’s launch in August 2021. We plan to have sustainable growth, listen to our community’s preferences and needs, and always come forward to meet them at the highest possible standard.

If you’ve read this far and are not a user yet, sign up here!

Our users are the ones who help us grow and expand, but along the way, we want to spread the word about DeFi, and our mission on a worldwide scale! This is why we create educational content, giveaways, and events to connect with communities in over 180 countries. This has given us the opportunity to engage with more than 200,000 people online and offline.

Moving Forward

We have come a long way since last year. We went through a bull market, are traversing a bear market, in a highly competitive industry where, in our opinion, striving for excellence and stellar performance is the only way to outperform competitors.

As we look toward the future, we have some essential plans in mind:

  • Add 2 BNBChain portfolios to the Yield Aggregator, starting September 2022. The minimum investment for this will be $100 instead of the $1000 minimum for Ethereum.
  • Integrate more blockchains and tokens into our ecosystem, such as Avalanche and Elrond;
  • Offer more and more use cases for the EQX token;
  • Migrate towards a Mobile First approach: Fixed Rate deposits and loans on the mobile app, plus other programs and features;
  • Native Banking Access in the mobile app for seamless crypto to fiat transactions.

Thank you for being our partners on this journey!

Here’s to the future of finance and many more rewarding years ahead!

The EQIFi Team.

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