EQIFi and HYVE or How to Get Paid in $EQX

3 min readOct 13, 2022

Our top priority is to offer more and better services to our users. This is why we are happy to announce our partnership with HYVE! This collaboration enables their native token, $HYVE, to be supported as a cryptocurrency option in our suite of products, and $EQX will be included as a form of payment in their ecosystem.

This comes as an ideal addition to both our communities. HYVE aims to offer its clients and freelancers more payment options and encourage them to discover new projects and protocols. We look to expand the $EQX token utility further, enable token holders to do more with their crypto investment, and encourage them to explore the DeFi space further.


Through this partnership, HYVE integrates the $EQX token into their ecosystem, expanding the selection of cryptocurrencies freelancers can transact with on the platform. EQIFi has integrated $HYVE in the mobile app to facilitate ZERO fee payments between EQIFi users. Furthermore, $HYVE will be added as an option to invest in our Yield Aggregator and to deposit or borrow with our Fixed Rate Lending products.

This brings benefits to both user bases. EQIFi empowers freelancers on both platforms to earn in $EQX and offers them a chance to seamlessly invest, save or withdraw those funds. HYVE offers its users yet another way to get paid for their work in crypto by introducing our token as a payment method.

Already signed up on HYVE? Cool! You can now perform your work as usual but get paid in $EQX. Whether you offer work or seek work, you won’t need to offramp crypto. You can use $EQX in EQIFi’s ecosystem and get yield, staking bonuses, or even a low-interest rate crypto loan. Work in exchange for crypto and, in return, let the crypto work for you!

About HYVE

HYVE’s long-term goal is to offer optimal and endless payment options for tasks, jobs, and offers on their platform and offer the lowest possible fees out of all freelancing platforms!

HYVE’s cross-chain, decentralized ecosystem redefines the future of work through three main products, HYVE App, and soon with HYVE Launch, and HYVE Bazaar. Their project incubator, which will help match investors with projects, Launch, will soon go live alongside HYVE Bazaar, an e-market for digital items to be bought and sold.

Ranging from 1% to 9% fees depending on the type of job and the crypto, our partner prides itself on the transparency of its practices and the simple yet innovative business model.

Deciding to use $HYVE in their ecosystem can reduce fees by up to 50%, and staking it produces an APR of up to 24%. Moving forward, they wish to include additional features and payment options and make the whole experience of using their platform smoother, so if you have not signed up yet, to offer or look for jobs, make sure you do so!

About EQIFi

We are building a global DeFi gateway for you, simplifying the complex world of DeFi. Our vision is to expand the options of digital asset owners, who today have limited options for secure custody and banking-level access to their digital assets. We are building our platform for everyone to have access to DeFi.

The Mobile App, together with the Web Platform, creates a next-generation, high-level user experience. A secure yet convenient and user-friendly environment.

We strive to make your financial life easier, which is why partnering up with a freelancing service in the crypto realm, and offering $EQX as a payment option, fits well into our vision and goals!


Whether you are a crypto-savvy freelancer or a beginner in the world of the crypto gig economy, EQIFi & HYVE have covered your needs within the crypto realm.

Work, earn, invest. All in $EQX and $HYVE!

Stay tuned to HYVE’s and EQIFi’s socials, so you don’t miss out on upcoming exciting news and plans!

Until next time,
The EQIFi Team.

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