15% Portfolio increases — Yield Aggregator July Report

4 min readAug 16, 2022

Trading and investing take time and effort on top of our regular lives. We know that the steep learning curve, keeping up with the market, and gaining consistent returns can take away much of your energy. This is why, a year ago, we came up with the yield aggregator, our flagship product aimed at making your crypto investments as seamless as possible.

Those who are new to the cryptocurrency investment realm tend to risk large amounts of money in hopes of instant profit, therefore they are more susceptible to the volatility some crypto assets hold.

EQIFi offers a solution for beginners and advanced investors alike — An automated protocol built by a team of professionals that could save you money and safeguard your assets from the bear market sentiment.

Find below more details about the product earning +30% for investors even in a bear market.

What is EQIFi’s Yield Aggregator?

When it comes to crypto, there’s no shortage of ways to make money. With a little knowledge and the right tools, investing in cryptocurrencies can be as simple as choosing the right portfolio, or as complicated as trading algorithms and market predictions. But where do you start?

If you’re looking for a way to accelerate your growth or simply want to diversify your portfolio, it’s important that you choose the best option for your needs. That’s why EQIFi has created the Yield Aggregator, a tool that makes it simple for anyone — whether they’re new to crypto or an experienced investor — to invest their funds in yield-generating assets.

The EQIFi Yield Aggregator is designed to be accessible to those familiar with DeFi and yield farming and those entirely new to the sector. The Yield Aggregator automatically assigns capital between different liquidity pools, seeking the optimum profit and margin.

Why invest using the Yield Aggregator?

The user experience is greatly streamlined due to the many benefits of yield aggregators. When yield farming, a typical user experience looks like this:

  • Swap token
  • Deposit into the liquidity pool
  • Stake into a distribution contract
  • Claim rewards
  • Sell rewards
  • Repeat

Whenever these steps are carried out repeatedly, it takes up valuable time and expensive gas money, especially when using Ethereum.

Yield aggregators help to pool deposits together and transform this process into an enjoyable experience. You just need to worry about deposits and withdrawals; the yield aggregator takes care of everything else, including interest accumulation and selling the farmed returns.

If you want to get started with our yield aggregator or want to learn more about how it works, check out the next section of this article or dive deeper into our Help Center.

How to use it?

Create an account on our Mobile App or Web Platform.

By signing up for an account, you can use the Yield Aggregator from home or on the go.

Top up

Buy crypto or transfer your assets to the crypto wallet linked to your account

Select a Portfolio

Choose one of EQIFi’s Yield Portfolios based on different liquidity pools and APY percentages.

At the moment, you can invest in one or more of the following portfolios:

  • Stablecoins Balanced Liquidity
  • Stablecoins & Ethereum Liquidity
  • Ethereum Liquidity

Enter Token & Amount

Pick which token you want to deposit into and enter your desired amount. Currently, the minimum investment is $1,000 worth of the desired token. You can deposit USDT, USDC, DAI, wBTC, ETH & EQX.

Earn and Withdraw

Watch the portfolio performance in the EQIFi app and monitor your earnings. You can withdraw at anytime after the minimum 7 days of investment have passed. Your maximum withdrawal time will be 72 hours as we need to perform complex operations on DEXs and AMMs.

If you’ve been holding off on opening an account because you didn’t know where to start, this is definitely a great way to get started!

Wrapping up

As DeFi continues to grow and mature, yield aggregators can help you seek the best yield available on the market and the safest ones without the manual work.

And if you’ve read this far, we have a sneak peek for you. We cannot say more, but get ready for a new Yield Aggregator portfolio. It will be a new opportunity to diversify your portfolio, with the same market exceeding performances, but this time with a lower entry limit. Stay tuned.

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